Flowers For Add Colour To Your Garden

Flowers can add color to your garden and make it more attractive. It is something that most people want, but they are not sure about the types of flowers to add to your garden. In some cases, where water is in place or people are too busy to keep their gardens may be necessary to find flowers that require little water.

Here are some types of flowers to add to your garden.


Coneflowers: These daisy-like flowers come in a variety of colors like pink, purple, orange, yellow, burgundy, red and white. You can plant a color or colors to enhance your garden. They can also survive with little water.

Coreopsis: These are daisy-like flowers but are shining brightly in color and have distinctly shaped petals. They are available in pink, red, yellow, and light color. If you have a lot of them together, they can add a touch of color to your garden. They are the perfect summer flowers and requires little maintenance. The bright yellow reminiscent of summer and makes you feel happy inside when you see them.

Bergenia: These flowers are bell-shaped and purple with large glossy leaves. These are the beautiful winter flowers that can withstand the cold. They require regular water, but they can still survive in low tide.

Sunset Strain: It is a light pink or orange flower with white bestowed on her. Evokes feelings of calm and a sense of happiness is installed. The leaves are evergreen and require little water to grow.

Salvia farinacea 'Evolution'

Salvia: This is a beautiful purple flower that has a lot of green leaves at the base. They are part of the family of sage and require little water to survive. Be sure to cut down occasionally to keep them under control and orderly.

Verbascums: These are the dramatic vertical flowers that give a nice color to your garden and can grow up to one meter high. They can be found in purple, red, pink and white. They are long-lived producers during the winter too.

You can place these flowers along cobbled paths to create a colorful and peaceful garden. You can also place behind a water source such as a pond. Alternatively, you can place them on a feature wall is covered with stone cladding to create a dramatic contrast between the stone and flowers.

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