Make Your Beautiful Garden By Terra-Cotta Pots

Convert your extra pots in a variety of new creations for indoor and outdoor use. Reuse jars of new pieces Patio table or a decorative lighthouse, or they paint the fresh new look. Even pieces of broken tile can be given new life as part of a fairy garden.

Ornate Lace Pots
Updating an ordinary boring pot with a new tip over. Cut pieces of lace doilies lace or ribbon, and then paste them on the sides or the edge of a pot of clean mud to an almost instantaneous update. Using a clear drying glue applied directly to the clay, for a cleaner look.

flyingstartmagazine Perk Them Up With Paint

Perk Up With Beautiful Paint
Instead of suffering the overload terracotta, painting these pots to meet their schemes and styles of favorite color. Coat embellish the pots with a white stain blocking primer/paint, then with any color you want. Spray the lower half of each pot for an ombre dip dyed or seen, or create geometric shapes by masking areas with tape before using acrylic paints crafts. Create surfaces sweet animals on the sides of the pots to a mood sprinkled with a little tenderness.

Chalk Talc
Jazz up any pots clean brush or spray in the color table planters that can change its appearance whenever you want terracotta. After the paint hardens completely decorate the pots with geometric shapes, a special greeting or print drawings made with chalk pencils. Clean patterns away and start again when you want to modify the illustration.

Handpainted Pots
Add a little color to the bottom of clean terracotta pots for a straightforward and elegant decor. The tape is an area near the bottom of the pot, and then paint the tape aligned with acrylic craft paint. Paint several pots of different hues to create playful effects like ombre or rainbow assortment.

flyingstartmagazine Marvelous Mosaic Pots

Wonderful Mosaic Pots
Start a new or even a terra cotta pot not as nice in a wonderful mosaic tile use and grout. The plates can be made of glass, ceramic or stone, or you can use a collection of sea glass or polished river for an entirely different look stones. Make a paper template of the pot draw a design, then set the tiles on the top of the paper to prepare them for placement. Stick them with a durable adhesive, and then use a premixed grout between the tiles to complete the look. Remove excess grout while it is still wet.

Personal Memory Pots
Create a souvenir worth by decorating a pot of colors and family photos. Paint a terra cotta pot clean images and decoupage collage style, after the paint dries. Glue the decorative ribbon around the perimeter of the images for an extra touch.